Frank Walters can only be described as an ‘old school’ ad man starting his career at the Leo Burnett Ad agency in London. He had started a foundation course at Art Colleague but was quickly enticed into the glossy world of advertising after studying art for a mere few months and a lifetime in advertising began

But his interest in art continued with the occasional watercolour landscape painting whilst on vacation. His job as Creative Director gave him a strong appreciation of visual excellence, so he knew his watercolours were missing something. He joined an art class under the watchful eye of professional artist, Jane Harris that kick started his personal development. Over time he realised that he had to capture his own individual style which needed to look truly accomplished, so he began to study classic British water-colourist’s like Edward Sago and Edward Wesson. He felt he had to appreciate the art form in general with all it’s challenges and understand all the important best practice principles.

The result of his personal watercolour journey are now captured in his successful teaching syllabus, created with his single minded ambition to fast track all his new watercolour students to a new level of accomplishment.

Today he teaches watercolour and regularly exhibits his work. He still consults in advertising and is a keen golfer and boater. He lives in Chiswick, London with his partner Susan.